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Welcome to the Hoffman Education Center for the Family website. We are a 59 year old ministry located in Troy, Alabama, where we are able to serve a broad populace geographically, as well as offer unique programs and services enabling us to reach all age groups. With many close ties to the city of Troy, Troy University, and religious organizations that span many decades, we are thankful that our presence here has been easily woven into the fabric of the tapestry that makes up this community.

The Hoffman Education Center offers superior academic resources to aid home school educators, pastors, and leaders of other faith-based ministries to educate those under their tutelage using the methodology of reasoning, researching, relating and recording. This method weaves Biblical truths through all academic areas and constructs an integrated Biblical world and life view.


The library that is associated with the Hoffman Education Center is a unique literary collection that has been put together over the last five decades. With a distinct focus on Religion, American History, World History, American Literature, and Free Market Economics, an atmosphere of freedom is very prevalent throughout.  The ideas of America’s exceptionalism, it’s distinctly Christian founding, our free enterprise system of economics, and our providential place in the world are increasingly being omitted from the education of our youth today. If collections like these are not preserved in brick and mortar libraries, then the true truth provided in these actual books will eventually be lost and inevitably replaced with a totally secular narrative. Libraries across the country are discarding books that will not be preserved on the internet. With the winds of change ever blowing, we constantly need to reference the writings of those who came before us to preserve our great country and our God given rights and freedoms. This is why libraries such as the Hoffman Research Library are such a valuable asset and we are happy to be able to offer it to the city of Troy, its university, and the surrounding area. College students as well as older adults are invited to frequent this facility to research, record, and relate what they’ve learned to their everyday lives.


Christian StudyCenter

The public is invited to frequent our facilities and register for/participate in any program, speakers, or classes that we sponsor locally and regionally. We have many longtime associations with very well respected Christian organizations that provide a wealth of information online as well as through classes and seminars. The Foundation for American Christian Education has been a primary source for much of our educational programs that have centered on Biblical principles and Christian self-government guiding every aspect of not just an individual's life, but being the blueprint to spiritually rebuild our nation and world. We will have events for people and students from all walks of life with a huge emphasis on Christ-centered living. Educating the whole person, both mind and soul, is our pre-eminent focus. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hoffman Education Center is to support uniquely the three God-ordained institutions: family, church, and civil government.  It supports the family by utilizing the understanding of the relationship our covenant God has with His people to assist families and churches in their life-long learning quest. It supports our civil goverment by providing the resources needed to understand not only our form of government, but also how to preserve it.

The goal of the Hoffman Center's educational program, through the Library and Christian Study Center, is to partner with families and churches as they seek to restore America's historic method of Christian education based on Biblical principles and a Bible-centered world and life view. It also will also partner with other local ministries, educational entities, civic organizations, and philanthropic groups to provide assistance when and where needed. 

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